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Scholarly AttributesTop of Page

The following Scholarly Attributes are modeled, discussed and referred to throughout the school year:
  • Exercising our intellect
  • Saving our information
  • Possessing academic humility
  • Coming to class prepared
  • Seeing things from different perspectives
  • Taking time to think or ponder
  • Using varied resources for information
  • Asking meaningful questions
  • Setting goals

IntellectualismTop of Page

The following Intellectual Traits are discussed and referred to throughout the year. The students set personal goals regarding these traits and observe these traits in historical figures.

Intellectual Leadership Willingness to guide, lead, or direct in intellectual circumstances
Intellectual Courage Attempting difficult learning situations with bravery despite fear
Intellectual Humility To be humble not boastful of your intellectual ability
Intellectual Aggressiveness To be assertive or active when using your intellect.