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4th Grade

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Fun Brain - Play grammar and math games online
Math worksheets - Get homework and other worksheets from the days lesson
Math Hunt - Test your math and reading skills
Math Flashcards - Practice your math facts with online flashcards
Geometry Activities - Fun Geometry activities
Language Arts Activities - These activities go with our Reading series
PBSKIDS - Fun activities from PBS

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One of the first questions many parents have of their child's teacher concerns homework:
How much homework will my child be assigned?
Homework serves a variety of purposes. It allows students to practice skills they have learned in school. The homework assignments are also a useful communication tool for parents to see what skills the students are learning in school. Finally, homework provides practice in a number of 'life-skills' including time management, working independently, being responsible with necessary materials and tools, and problem solving when complications occur.
What kind of homework will be assigned?
Fourth grade students should expect about 40 - 60 minutes of homework each weeknight (Monday through Thursday). In general, homework is not sent home over weekends unless it is make-up work for an extended absense, a long term project, or extra practice work that the parents and I agree would be beneficial for the student.
On most nights, students will be assigned math practice, ELA homework (spelling, reading, writing, grammar, etc.) and to read independently for 20 - 30 minutes.

How will I know what has been assigned for homework?
The homework for each night is posted in the classroom. It is the responsibility of each fourth grader to copy their own homework. During the first trimester of the school year, students will have their agendas checked daily for the correct assignments written down.

What happens when my child does not complete an assignment?
Students who do not complete homework are at a disadvantage for many of our learning activities during the day. Parents will be notified when their child has not completed a homework assignment and the student will be sent to Homework Club during recess.

Math FactsTop of Page

Vocabulary Help & Strategies
8+5=13  8 and 5 are addends; 13 is the sum
17-9=8  17 is the minuend; 9 is the subtrahend; 8 is the difference
4x5=20  4 and 5 are factors; 20 is the product
12/3=4  3 is the divisor; 4 is the quotient (and 12 is the dividend)
Please remember that the goal is for students to "master" the basic math facts so they know the answers without needing to use these strategies. These strategies are to be used for students to reach mastery.

Multiplication Facts
* Skip counting is not fast or accurate; other strategies are faster and more reliable
* x2 - doubles (5x2 = 5+5 = double 5 = 10)
* x4 - double the doubles (6x4 = 6x2 = 12+12 = 24)
* x8 - double - double - double

* "Halving" is the opposite of "doubles" - use the ideas for multiplication by "halving" the numbers

Supplies for SuccessTop of Page

4th Grade Supply List for 2017
Grade parents & Students,
This is an exciting time of year for us all!  When we were young, one of our favorite things to do was go school shopping with our parents.  We thought that we would try to give you a head start by letting you know what will be needed for your child in our classrooms.  Supply may be purchased at any type of store: Target, WalMart, 99 Cents stores, Staples and so on.
We do not care about brands when purchasing supplies.
  • 1 1/2" Heavy Duty 3- Ring Binder
  • 2 folders (3 hold punched) to go inside binder
  • 1 Pencil Box 8 1/2 x 5 1/2
  • 1 package of graph paper 30 or more sheets
  • 1 white board eraser
  • one pair of ear buds
  • 1 package of Twistable Type Color Pencils or something similar
  • 1 package of Crayola markers or something similar
  • 12 Dry Erase Markers thin tip colored or black
  • Scissors
  • one 6-8 oz. of antibacterial hand sanitizer
  • one 6-8 oz. of foam soap or soap dispenser
  • Ruler
  • 2 Glue sticks
  • 2 Red Felt Tip Pens or thin tipped markers
  • 2 Black Felt Tip Pens or thin tipped markers
  • $6.00 for PTA Membership