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Library Homework HelpTop of Page

Live Homework Help targets student in grades 4-12 and provides them with homework assistance in English, Math, Science and Social Studies. The program is Internet-based and connects students with qualified tutors in real time. The service is free and is available on the County of Los Angeles Public Library website at To access the program, students need a County of Los Angeles Public Library card which is free at the San Dimas Library.

To preview Live Homework Help, go to, click on the live Homework Help icon and follow the instructions. Live Homework Help is available every day from 1:00-10:00 p.m. Call 562.940.8520 with any questions.

What exactly is Accelerated Reader?Top of Page

The goal of all reading instruction is to help students become lifelong learners who love to read. Accelerated Reader is a motivational program for individual student reading practice. Each upper grade student at Gladstone Elementary is given a test at the beginning of the year to determine the most effective range for him/her to practice reading--this is called their ZPD.

This ZPD range, or Zone of Proximal Development, is a reading range of books that will challenge a student without causing frustration or loss of motivation. It is the level of difficulty from which a student should be able to read independently for long periods of time. Students enjoy taking tests, accumulating points, and earning certificates. Earning certificates will also allow them to receive recognition during the school year.

Books are COLOR CODED by level.  Look at the binder of your son/daughter's book and that will tell you their approximate level according to their ZPD.  You should see your student reading nightly and working on their AR Reading Log. This is the level he/she has tested in.  Students will be STAR tested to see if they have made reading growth.  This will also generate a new ZPD level. 

Please ask your student:  When will you quiz on this book? 
How long have your had this AR book? 

Here is the colored coded chart by grade level as well.
Blue Books 1.0 -1.9   First Grade level
Red Books 2.0 -2.9  Second Grade level
Green Books 3.0 - 3.9  Third Grade level
Brown Books 4.0 - 4.9  Fourth Grade level
Yellow Books 5.0 - 5.9  Fifth Grade level

Look at the binder of your son/daughter's book and that will tell you their color level they are reading.

Use the Book Finder link to find books your son or daughter may want to read.  At this website you can find any book and its level.  So if your son/daughter wants to read a certain book--look it up here----

Use Good Search and Support GladstoneTop of Page

Search the Internet through GoodSearch and they will donate money to Gladstone. The system uses Yahoo's search engine.

Shop online through GoodSearch and the stores you shop at donate a percentage of your purchases to Gladstone. Stores like: Target, Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, eBay and so many others. We just received our first $50 from them. With your help, we can make so much more. Spread the word.

What do you need to do?
Step 1:
Click on the GoodSearch icon
Step 2: Type Gladstone Elementary School in the blank for who you GoodSearch for
Step 3: Search and shop away
Step 4: Make GoodSearch your Internet home page

Enrichment Choir Web SiteTop of Page

 clipart of muscial notes floating in air 4th/5th Grade Choir enrichment students check out the new music web page. There are resources to help you learn your music and information about the program.