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Welcome to Room 12, I am so happy to have you!!!

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Welcome to the Room 12 webpage. I am happy to have you visit our site. I believe that it is important to stay in constant communication. On this site you will find valuable information about our classroom; such as: homework, assignment instruction, examples, important dates and upcoming events. If you need to reach me, you can call me at (909) 971-8204 ext. 1587 or email me at

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Standard Score is a tool to help you stay informed about your child's grades. Please log on and check your account regularly.

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100% Participation!!!!!100% Participation!!!!!
Not only do you help the school, you are making a pledge to support your child. Joining is not about countless meetings and never ending phone calls. Think of it as investing in your child's success! We need 100% participation. $6.00 is all it takes :)