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2017-2018 Student Council Officers


Marlie Garlington

Vice President

Sophie Jensen


Madison Wong


Antonio Trejos

KidsCan Recycling

Gladstone's Student Council organizes the monthly KidsCan Recycling days to raise money for technology and school beautification. Help us in this effort by bringing your aluminum cans and plastic bottles just inside the Shellman gate next to the storage bin on the designated dates. Earn a chance to win prizes by filling out a raffle ticket when dropping off recyclables.

KidsCan dates for 2017-2018:

September 1               $         in contributions    

September 29                                                     

October 27                                                          
November 17             
December 15          
January 26
February 23
March 30

April 27

May 25

June 1

Spirit Days

We believe that school is also a place to have fun! Student Council organizes Spirit Days on a monthly basis. On these days students are encouraged to dress to a particular theme. School-wide spirit rallies are also held on these days, which include our singing of the alma mater and friendly game challenges. Please join us on the blacktop following first recess to join in the fun!

September 1:

September 29:
October 27:
November 17:
December 15:
January 26:
February 23:
March 30:
April 27:
May 25:


2017-2018 Student Council Officers

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