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This is the staff's way of saying thank you to each other. With everything going on, it's
nice to be able to recognize each other for the little things that are done each day.
~Thank you for all that you give of yourself to your
students, parents, and colleagues.~

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Kristina Vitale--Thanks for your help creating the template for the summer work for students. Your "can do" attitude is so awesome!~Nan

Kristina Vitale--Thanks for your help with putting together the bulletin board in the board room. I so appreciate all you do and help everywhere.~Nan

Susy Griffith--Thanks for your leadership and work with the Griffin Go Green Club. The garden, the composter, the recycling e-waste and trees are all thanks to you. You make a difference!~Nan

Shannon Tubbs--Thanks for staying late and helping me clean up the booklets. You offer and consideration are much appreciated!~Jennifer

Fidel Zabalza--Thank you for another great year of doing all the extra things for me and the Green Club. I truly appreciate your sense of humor and patience! You keepme smiling. :-)~Susy

Marty Peterson--Thank you for helping me 3 different times with giving my students a place to stay during testing. Your flexibility and understanding are much appreciated.~Jennifer

Marty Peterson--Thanks so much for your help putting up the bulletin board in the board room. Your help keeps Gladstone looking great!~Nan

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Patty Ford--Thank you for your willingness to assist me in getting an Independent Study packet together. You are so generous with your time and talents and resources.~Carol

Dolores Vigneault--Thanks so much for your expertise and suggestions to help support my students. I really appreciate it.~Karol

Kathy McClure & Kristina Vitale--Thank you for all yourwork on the talent show. You did a great job.~Nan

Marty Peterson--Thanks for covering my class on Tuesday during a parent meeting. That was so considerate and generous of you!~Carol

Susie Amos--Thank you for taking care of Nick during our field trip. You are a Gem!~Carol

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Karol Blount--Thanks for all your help with everything from social studies to science. You are such a great friend to put up with my endless questions.~Irene

Marissa Ford--Thanks so much for your help at the Family Festival Saturday. You really saved me and you impressed others there. Thanks so much~Nan

Tracy Pang--Thank you so much for your help with all my little questions. I know I can call you at all hours of the day if I have something on my mind. You make Gladstone a special place.~Adrian

Nan Shapiro--Thank you for taking time out of your "Crazy Busy" schedule to provide Elijah with the scholarship letter he neeed for Boy Scouts.~Carol

Tracy Pang--Thank you for leaving your class during your P1 time to come over and scan a paper onto my Smartboard. You are a life saver!~Dolores

Kristina Clavecilla--You made it through a tough week! Thanks for all you do for each of your students. They are lucky to have you!~Nan

Kristina Vitale--Thanks so much for your help with the student lab manager. You always make it easy to understand.~Irene

Karol Blount--Thanks for finding and fixing my web page typo. You're wonderful.~Nan

Kathy Mcclure--For opening your arms to welcome Aidan in such a gentle and compassionate way, I am so grateful.~Carol

Joan Ekstrand--Thank you for our meeting today. With your help I got some helpful feedback from Susan.~Nan

Kristina Vitale--Thanks for all your leadership and work prepping the 4th graders for the PTA Founders Day Program. They did a super job!~Nan

Tracy Pang--Thanks for reading with my kids during my "intervention" time. The extra 1/2 hour helped me so much! You're the best.~Irene

Shannon Bulick--For all the extra work you and Kathy have done to make sure Aidan had a successful transition into your room, I am so thankful.~Carol

Cindy Neustice--Thank you for being so helpful and considerate! Your friendly demeanor and kindness are a blessing to me.~Lia

Kristina Clavecilla--You have amazing energy and enthusiasm for your job. You're a wonderful teacher and a great additiona to the ASRD Program~Eileen

Irene Burton--It's difficult for me to express in words the appreciation I feel for all amazing things you've done for Aidan. Your ability to neet kids where they are and send them soaring is just astounding. Thank you.~Carol

Patty Ford--Thank you for all the work you did to help with report card and assessment sheets. It made my job so much easier. Thanks for being a great teacher and friend.~Marty

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Maureen Blaes -- Thank you so much for all the copying and for all the reminders.  Without you I might not be as efficient as I should. ~Adrian

Mina Gatt-- Thank you so much for vacuuming Thurs. night in Room 19.  With the construction that day and the visitors the next day your help really made Gladstone shine.  Thanks so much ~Nan & Dolores

Kristina Vitale-- Thanks for your help running the Math scans for me.  And thanks for your positive willingness to step in and help.  I so value and appreciate your team mind set.  ~Nan

Kristina Vitale-- Thanks so much for your help with my Smart Board projector and for sening 5 students to assist my writers.  I'm so lucky you're expertise is close by and that you are flexible! ~Irene

SuzyGriffith -- You are an excellent classroom aide, dedicated PTA volunteer & the driving force behind "Griffins Go Green."  Thank you for all that you do for our students! ~Eileen

Maureen Blaes-- Thanks so much for your help covering classes and pitching in wherever we need help.  You're awesome! ~Nan

Kristina Vitale-- Thank you for being my "go-to" person when it comes to using my Smart Board.  I appreciate your help and I think I am getting better.  ~Dolores

Dolores Vigneault & Cindy Neustice -- Thank you for taking such a kind and loving approach to Juan.  He isn't even on your roster and you help him have a "second home." ~Cindy Jones

Nan Shapiro -- Thanks for sharing your frog!  I did have my eye on it!  the kids love it too! ~Karol

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Karol Blount--It is wonderful how you have welcomed Tyler and made him a part of your class. Your loving attitude is a large factor in his success. Thank you~Eileen

Joan Ekstrand--Thank you for all the time you put into planning gladstone's staff Christmas party. We all had a really fun time~Eileen

Kristina Vitale--Thanks for hosting the 2nd Smart Board workshops. You helped a lot of people!~Nan

Dolores Vigneault--Saying thank you feels so inadequate to fully express how much I value and appreciate your leadership as lead teacher. our plates have been extra full this year and you're teaching the intervention program too. You're awesome!~Nan

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Nicole Gorrell--It's wonderful having you back in the classroom. Not only because it's fun working with a friend, but you do this very challenging job so well!~Eileen

Patty Ford--The salmon lunbh was delicious. Thanks so much for sharing it with me.~Carol

Sandi Schmidt--Thank you so much for allowing me to do my first SLPA observation with you. How nice it was to "test the waters" with a friendly face~Eileen

Nan Shapiro--I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think it is that you started the Principals' Reading Tree. What a wonderful example you are to all the children here. Thank you for being a positive role model~Cristen

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Joan Ekstrand--thank you for sharing your journals with me. You seaved the day and I appreciate it.~Karol

Janine Courville--Thanks so much for cleaning up after 1st grade treats! You're the best!~Carol

Carol Phipps--Thank you for being so thoughtful and sweet and providing water for us every day. It was much appreciated.~Karol

Irene Burton--How can I express how wonderful it was to get the Read Naturally tapes, books, cassette players and headphones from you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.~Joan

Susie Amos--Just a quick thank you for all of your help these past couple of weeks. Your help and advice have been appreciated greatly! Thank you!~Jennifer.

Gladstone Staff--Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity on bosses day. I feel so blessed every day to have such a great team to work with. You are awesome! I so appreciated all your thoughts and kind words and the wonderful gift card.--Nan

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Scott Ferris--Thanks so much for all your help with testing.  Your help with testing kids and supervising extra recess was a MAJOR help all the way around.  Besides the fact the kids loved playing basketball with you.  Thanks so much.--Nan

Nan Shapiro--Thank you so much for allowing me to adjust my work schedule for my son.  He's presently done.--Beatrice Ayala

Janine Courville--Thanks so much for doing my MAA survey!  And thanks for always willing to help--Susan

Caryl Fitzgerald--Thanks so very much for your help taking to kids about their testing goals.  I couldn't have done it without you!  You are awesome!--Nan

Tracy Pang--Thanks for all your help with testing.  You are a great support and your help made everything go so smoothly - especially packing stuff up.  You're great!--Nan

Gladstone PTA--Thank you for my new apron!  They're fabulous--Beatrice

Adrian Wong--Thanks for your presentation at the staff meeting on AR.  Several staff commented on it helping them and several want more info.  Thanks for your extra work putting it together.--Nan

Adrian Wong--Thank you very much for my personalized cone!  You are right, I do feel special when I use it.  It is so nice to know I have a place to park when I return from lunch!--Dolores

Patty Ford--Thank you for being so flexible and allowing choir to be in your room on Wednesday.  You are such a team player!--Susie

Adrian Wong--Thank you so much for your support and encouragement during our first week of testing.  We love the banner!--Mrs. Blaes, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Pang & the entire 5th grade

Adrian Wong--Thank you for making the "Walk Through California" Power Point and organizing The Island of the Blue Dophin movie event.  You are a great addition to the 4/5 team.--Maureen

Tracy Pang--Thanks so very much for all your help talking to kids about testing goals.  Also thanks for helping me through my melt down Friday.  You're the best!--Nan

Janine Courville--You are the Best Party Setter Upper.  Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to set up for the shower and all parties--Susan

Adrian Wong--Thank you so much for your helpful listening ear during my lesson plans.  I really appreciate all your supportive ideas--Cindy Jones

Kristina Vitale--It's all about 4th grade.  Thanks for ALL the planning!  #1 BFF--Adrian Wong

Tracy Pang--Thank you for helping me print out my kids' farm stories.  Tell your students Mrs. Ford says "thank you!"--Patty

Adrian Wong--Thanks for always being an amazing team player.  You make going to work fun and challenging.  You are such an outstanding addition to our upper grade team!--Kristina

Adrian Wong--Thank you for sharing your coffee with me last Friday.  I never would have made it through the day!--Susie

Fidel Zabalza--Gracias, for helping me get that container on top of my truck..I know you are a very busy man - I really appreciate it.  Con Amor--Adrian

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Wanda Beightol--I just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for letting me observer your classroom for those many hours! I appreciate you answering my many questions and giving great advice. You are such a fantastic teacher... are you sure you want to retire?--Angelic

Gladstone Staff--Y'all are the best there is! Thank you for the lovely, scrumptious lunch.--Alesia

Danny Lopez--Thanks for including our student in PE. He loves going to your class and he shows us the exercises for PE warm-up.--Kristy

Patty Ford--Thanks for making me feel a  part of your class this past four weeks. It was great. also, I appreciate the example of a wonderful teacher working with her class.--Sherry

Susy Griffith--The Green Club is so great thanks to all your work and leadership. The kids are so proud of all they've accomplished. You made it happen--Nan

Carol Phipps--It was very thoughtful of you to invite our first graders to join your class Easter egg hunt. This is just another example of your generous spirit!--Eileen

Joan Ekstrand--Thank you so much for your help in the computer lab. The extra set of eyes was greatly appreciated!--Cindy

Carol Phipps--What a great booth at family night. Your idea to have people set a goal was a great idea even if I now feel pressure to meet my goal. Thanks for helping make it a great night.--Nan

Kathryn Eder--The family night was a great event. Thanks for making it happen. What a fun time for everyone.--Nan

Gladstone Staff--Thanks to all the teacher for the great CSR lunch Tuesday. Mmmm it was good.--Sherry Dove

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Jennifer McCool--Thank you so much for allowing me to observe you teaching "Learning goals." I was very impressed with your technique and got many great ideas from watching you. You are a wonderful teacher and I appreciate your friendship.--Marty

Maureen Blaes--Thank you so much for helping me set up Study Island. Your letter was such a time saver. I appreciate your assistance.--Irene

Dolores Vigneault--Thank you! Thank you! I really appreciate your help with Young Authors! You helped relieve some stress and made me smile :-). You are awesome.--Cindy

Tommy Phillips--Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my computer trouble. I appreciate your effort.--Jennifer

Fidel Zabalza--Even though I am always taking you away from your regular "duties," I so appreciate your help. Mostly I appreciate you making me laugh. thank you for everything.--Susy

Tracy Pang--Thank you for all your hard work and preparation for Outdoor Science School. You're the best!--Maureen and Cindy

Nancy Simpson Sr.--Thank you for helping (really doing!) all my dental slip organization. You are so wonderful.--Janine

Cindy Neustice--You always know what I need, even before I do. Thank you for doing homework club solo last week, it was a big help. you are the best and we here at Gladstone are blessed to have you here with us.--Julee

Janine Courville--thank you for being a great team player. You're the best.--Sandie

Tommy Phillips--Thank you for your help with the installation of the "Windows Around the World" camera. I appreciate your time and energy.--Maureen

Wanda Beightol--Thank you so much for being so flexible and accommodating with an IEP right in the middle of you moving your classroom. Your understanding and graciousness are very much appreciated!--Sandie

Sandie Schmidt--Right back atcha, Sandie! Thanks for rushing to meet with the parent and her friend. You had all the answers. Thanks so much for your help.--Wanda

Susy Griffith--Thank you so much for going out of your way to translate for me. I really appreciate all your help.--Sandie

Marty Peterson--Thank you for switching DISTAR tutoring times with me. I appreciate your flexibility!--Jennifer

Carol Phipps--Thank you! Thank you! The mochas and the extra hands on circus morning were really a boost.--Kinder Team

Nan Shapiro--Wow! What a super supportive boss we have. Thank you for all your do for Kinder.--Kinder Team

Patty Ford--A thousand "Thank yous" for taking care of my little Aidan when he got "ditched" at the ball field.--Carol

Nan Shapiro--Thank you for your support with the installation of the "Windows Around the World" camera. You're the best.--Maureen

Tommy Phillips--Thank you for helping us out with the student certificates. We could not have done it without your help.--Sandie and Susan

February_2009 Card IconFebruary 2009Top of Page

Tracy Pang, Maureen Blaes, Carol Blount--Another great science fair. thanks for all your work and leadership getting it together. You're Awesome!--Nan

Alison Gomez--Thank you for translating my student's Call-to-Action. I know his mom will appreciate it and hopefully it will help him be a better student. Thank you too for your expertise!--Karol

Maureen Blaes--Thank you so very much for helping me pack and "de-clutter." Saturdays are precious so I truly appreciated your time. Thanks oodles and oodles!--Karol

Janine Courville--Thank you for being a great team player. You're the BEST!--Sandie

Maureen Blaes--Great job prepping the kids for the Spelling Bee. The kids were great and your support to them was just what they needed.--Nan

Scott Farris--Thank you so much for taking the time to help me move boxes. What took you 15 minutes would have taken me 15 hours. You rock!--Jennifer

Maureen Blaes--I can't imagine anyone else braving the cold and the confusing directions to attend a special occasion for a student. You Rock!!!--Carol

Carol Phipps--Thank you so very much for helping me with my Smart Board presentation! You were so gentle in your teaching techniques and you made me feel so great! You are an amazing teacher and person.--Marty

Maureen Blaes--Thank you so much for your ideas in science. I totally appreciate it!--Tracy

Scott Farris--Thank for saving the day with the TV in day care for the inauguration. You saved the day!--Nan

Nan Shapiro--Thank you for  being the world's best principal.--Sandie

Tracy Pang--Thanks for all your help in the office with administrative "stuff" while you've had your student teacher. It was fun and a great help!--Nan

Cathy Sinaki--Thanks for always making coffee for us and the staff. You ar the Best!--Sandie

Joan Ekstrand--Thank you for being so immediately helpful with my computer issue! Your knowledge was dearly needed and your kindness is truly appreciated. Thanks again. You are the best.--Connie

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Cathy Sinaki--Thank you for all you do to support Gladstone. you leadership organizing the noon aides helps more than you know. The help you provide tutoring makes a difference in kids lives. Your smiling face and help in the office brightens everyone's day. Thanks--Nan

Tracy Pang--You were in a great hurry and you still stopped to give me a jump start. Thanks a million--Carol

Maureen Blaes--Thank you so much for sharing your science experiment/discovery lesson with my class. They loved it!--Cindy

Dolores Vigneault--Thank you so much for all your help with the "Reading at Grade Level" parent meeting. You have taken that idea and have really taught me how to tackle such a stressful event.--Adrian

Tommy Phillips--Great job with the library newsletter What a great idea! This is a super tool to help promote AR.--Nan

Maureen Blaes--Thank you so much for all you do with me and at Gladstone! I hope you know my success is due to your organization and constant reminders. You Rock!--Adrian

Dolores Vigneault--Congrats on doing your first suspension. You did a super job dealing with a serious situation. We're so lucky to have your leadership!--Nan

Kirstina Vitale--Thank you so much for all your help and knowledge. You are a wonderful teacher and co-worker. Having you by my side makes teaching a breeze.--Adrian

December_2008 Card IconDecember 2008Top of Page

Scott Farris—Thank you for all your help with "the move." You helped make it go so much smoother. I really appreciate your flexibility—Cindy


Nan Shapiro—Thanks for taking care of Jesus' books so quickly, for running to the rescue on a rainy day when the VCR didn't work, and for all the other stuff you do every day to makes this school such a marvelous place—Carol


Nan Shapiro—I wanted you to know how much it meant to me how quickly you responded with action to my request to lower the height of the basketball hoops for the kids (and Mr. Wong). Thank you for caring about even the little things—Scott


Tracy Pang—Thank you—My light during a snow storm. Thanks for helping with plans and organization during my day long journey through the pass!—Cindy


Carol Phipps—Thank you so much for locating your Christmas CD. Our second grade trip to Mexico just wouldn't have been the same without the song. Feliz Navidad—Jennifer


Janine Courville—Thank you so much for taking care of my students. I appreciate and am grateful you were here!—Karol


Wanda Beightol—How did you know I'd forgotten my lunch? You are so perceptive! You are also very generous. Thanks so much for the delicious Hot Pocket! Carol


Scott Farris—Thank so much for watching my class while I went to my car. Your flexibility was very much appreciated.—Irene

Tommy Phillips
—Thanks so much for helping me out with that huge untimely order the other day. I was frustrated and it really helped having you there. Thanks for being a good friend!—Scott


Tracy Pang—Thanks for all your help. You are an incredible teacher and one that inspires us all. You have helped me so much with all the little and big things at Gladstone. You Rock!—Mr. Wong


Nan Shapiro—Thank you for being such a wonderful principal and person. You have made my first year so easy and spectacular. I've seen many principals in my time and you are one of the best.—Mr. Wong

November_2008 Card IconNovember 2008Top of Page

Karol Blount--Thank s for the email for the Website with the numbered passages. Wow! That will save me some time. You are always thinking of us!~Irene

Joan Ekstrand--Thanks for your help with tips using AR. I appreciate your time and it's always easier to have one-to-one help~Irene

Dolores Vigneault--Thanks for all your help leading the emergency drill. Your leadership is so evident and appreciated.~Nan

Scott Farris--Thanks for being out on duty at recess every day even when you're not assigned duty. You do more for the kids at this school than anybody and you spend an incredible amount of time doing it. Thanks.~Tommy

Tommy Phillips--Thanks for taking the time to call each day to see if we need anything for lunch while you are out. It really helps when you desperately need a "diet coke."~Janine

Janine Courville--Thank you so much for taking care of my students. I appreciate and am grateful you are here!~Karol

Dear Noon Aides (Cathy, Jody, Rebecca, Karen, Susan, Linda and Shelli)--thank you so much for all that you do to protect our students. I saw how quickly you responded last week to a stranger on campus and I was in awe. What a blessing you all are to this school and to the kids.~Cristen

Caryl Fitzgerald--Thank you for fixing and redoing our assessment spreadsheets! What would we do without you?~Susie

Kathleen Turner--Thank you so much for a great job with the food drive. There were two overflowing barrels of food--thanks to your leadership. Kudos to you!~Nan

Karol Blount--
Thank you for taking the rest of my gate duty the day I had a headache. I appreciate your willingness to help out!~Jennifer

Cindy Jones and Kathy McClure--
Thanks for your help pulling together the SDHS parade. It was lots of fun. Also, thanks to Scott for driving use in his truck.~Nan

Nancy Simpson Jr.--Thank you for allowing my 4th graders to see the end of The Island of the Blue Dolphins movie in your room.~Maureen

Susie Amos--Thanks for helping out covering PE on Thursday. You truly are a natural on the soccer filed.~Nan

Cindy Jones--Thank you so much for your help on the report cards. You saved my hours of work.~Jason

Hema Mistry--What a woman! Thank you so much for making zillions of copies for me on the 31st. You're the best.~Carol

October_2008 Card IconOctober 2008Top of Page

Irene Burton--Thank you for helping me get started with Read Naturally and your willingness to share your supplies. I love my third grade team and how we are there for each other.--Joan

Sandy Gonzalez--Thank you for all your help and support. You do so much more than most of us realize, and you do it while handling all the hundreds of random things that come up during the day and after all that you still greet everyone with a smile.--Tommy

Cindy Jones--Thank you so much for helping me with my parking spot. You are so wonderful!--Janine

Tommy Phillips--Thank you for taking my recess duty. That was very kind of you!--Dolores

Eileen Johnson, Susy Griffith, Irene Burton--Thank you so much for helping out with the door hanger walk on Saturday. We so appreciate your help and support. You made a not so fun event better.--Nan

Dolores Vigneault--Thanks for meeting with me last week. I appreciate your input and expertise.--Karol

Nan Shapiro--Thanks for the great tech tips for the PowerPoint presentations. Thanks too, for all you do! I appreciate you.--Karol

Janine Courville--Thank you so much for taking on the Bosses Day set up and clean up. I thank my lucky stars to be back working with you. You are the BEST!--Susan

Tracy Pang--Thanks so much for trying again and again and again to fix the crashed files for my Smart Board. I appreciate all of your effort!--Jennifer.

September_2008 Card IconSeptember 2008Top of Page

Maureen Blaes--Thanks for all of your time and work helping Jason and Adrian. Please know all your work is having a great impact. You're awesome! ~ Nan

Tommy Phillips--Thanks for all your help with different things on campus. It's great having you back on our Gladstone team. I so value and appreciate your flexibility and team mind set. ~ Nan

Wanda Beightol--Thank you so much for doing by bus duty on Wed.! You are the best! ~ Nancy

Connie Niacaris--Thanks for your smile and flexibility with all the cafeteria "stuff" in your room. You were so amazing with you had every right to blow. Thanks for being so terrific! ~ Nan

Gladstone Family--Thank you everyone for all your support and love. It means so much knowing that people care. ~ Shelli

Tracy Pang--Thanks for your leadership and organization in preparing for the fair. Youv'e helped streamline the process so it gets better and better. ~ Nan

Nancy Simpson, Sr.--Thanks so much for helping me set up my classroom. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your help. ~ Kristina